The big list of IT MSP PSA tools

The big list of IT MSP PSA tools

Like them or hate them, everyone working in the IT Managed Services space needs a PSA. Here’s our list of PSA tools you should look at.

Commercial PSAs

Company Comment
Connectwise One of the biggest IT PSA tools. Integrates with the majority of RMM packages and quoting packages.
Autotask Another big competitor in the PSA market. Fully web based. Possibly not as expansive as Connectwise but popular because of that. Integrates with pretty much everything.
vTiger A very popular PSA forked from the ever popular SugarCRM sales tool. Not as flexible as the two market leaders but very cost effective and presentable.
Accelo Accelo is a highly polished modern PSA which supports a range of industries – IT being one of them. It includes all the usual features and its API means it has a healthy list of integrations.
Repairshopr Whilst aimed more at PC and phone repair shops this PSA is packed full of features and is very affordable.
TigerPaw TigerPaw is a direct competitor to Connectwise and Autotask with a focus on the IT services market. It features integration support for various RMM providers and also a large range of quoting tools.
CommitCRM  CommitCRM is an affordable PSA tool, CRM, service, dispatching, contracts and billing software solution designed specifically for small to mid-sized IT Services Providers.
Vorex A web based PSA combining all the usual features with Project Management. Recently taken over by Kaseya.
Atera A tool that provides both RMM and PSA in one app. As such it appears on both our RMM list and our PSA list.
Computicate A cost effective web based PSA with a good range of integration to service such as Xero Sage Quickbooks and others.

Open Source PSAs

Company Comment
OpenPSA A perfectly decent open source PSA tool. It includes most of the features you would want, ticketing, time management, invoicing and sales but may not have the frills of a commercial PSA.
Project Open Another great open source PSA. The unique feature here is that you can import configuration items directly from Nagios, meaning you could end up with an entirely opensource business.


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