Premier 2014 crashes when dragging files

Premier 2014 crashes when dragging files

We had a problem here with some of the users reporting that they weren’t able to drag pictures in to their Adobe Premier 2014 projects.

When they tried to drag an image the app crashed and gave them a not-very-pleasant error.



We tested this here with several sources and projects, all of which did the same. We also tried to convert the JPGs in to PNGs and TIFFs but we still had the same issue, so it wasn’t a corrupt image or anything like that.

After a bit of digging we found that it was caused by the hardware acceleration being used in Premier. This wasn’t happening a few weeks ago so I reckon that a gfx driver update perhaps rocked the boat.

So here’s our fix;

    1. Open your project in Premier and go to File > Project Settings > General.Adobe_Premier1
    1. Under the General tab change the Renderer from your OpenCL option to the Software Only option.Adobe_Premier2


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