How to disable a Wi-Fi card from the command line

How to disable a Wi-Fi card from the command line

This morning we had a need to disable a Wi-Fi card quickly. A users laptop was defaulting to using the Wi-Fi adapter rather than their cabled connection and it was causing problems. The Wi-Fi card was flapping about causing problems for their VPN which was geared for the wired connection and….well…you get the picture.

So we knocked together a quick Labtech script using WMIC to disable any Wi-Fi cards on the PC.

Open up a command prompt with administrative privileges and run the following command.

Below you’ll find a link to the same command in the form of a Labtech script.

Download Labtech XML Script


Oliver Marshall
Oliver works as Head of Sales at a leading provider of IT services to the education sector. Out of hours he's a runner with a limp, has a board game addiction and a owns a dog that looks like a badger.
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