How to manually configure networking on an AeroHive virtual appliance

How to manually configure networking on an AeroHive virtual appliance

AeroHive have some amazing products. Their access points are perhaps some of the best and are easily my favourite to get up and working in a pinch. If you have a need for enterprise level WiFi then really you should have a look.

I’m not such a big fan of their virtual VPN appliance and it’s implementation. I’ve known professors at Hogwarts to freeze in fear at the notion of having to configure one.

The other day I had to reconfigure the IP settings for one that we inherited over at Oakson and, it having been a while, I couldn’t remember how to start the funky setup script from the horribly limited linux prompt on the VM. But it’s just one command line away, just issue the following command after logging in to your VPN virtual appliance.

wizard start

You should see the following helpful script appear.


Now, someone go fetch Dumbledor, I need to change my Layer 3 configuration.


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