How to track marketing emails in Connectwise

How to track marketing emails in Connectwise

Communication with your clients is vital, we all know that, and email communication is still the best way of getting information out to your clients as quickly as possible. You might know that Connectwise can send out emails en mass using it’s Marketing Manager module but did you know it can also let you track the number of emails that get opened? Here’s a quick guide to show you how to get up and running.

We’re going to be looking at enabling the Emails Opened and Linked Clicked elements of the Marketing Campaign module. You can see these if you go to Marketing > Marketing Campaign and then you’ll see the figures on the campaign screen.

Set up the Integration Login in Connectwise

Anything that uses the Connectwise API will require an integration account in order to access your data.

  1. In Connectwise go to System > Setup Tables. Search for Integrator Login.
  2. Click the + icon to create a new login.
  3. Give your login a username and password and make a note of this somewhere safe, you’ll need this each time you create a campaign which you want to track.
  4. Set the access level to All Records.
  5. Tick the Marketing API tick box further down the page.
  6. Save your way back out to the Setup Tables page.


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