How to install Windows updates with a reboot

How to install Windows updates with a reboot

Have you ever wanted to install Windows updates with a reboot, rather than a shutdown? By default Windows will only install updates on Shutdown, and rebooting with pending updates just leaves them waiting.

I needed to schedule a whole number of PCs to install their updates and reboot, without any user being present, so that they were ready and waiting for when the next training session occurred. Luckily I stumbled upon ShutdownWithUpdates by Dennis Babkin. This great utility allows you issue a shutdown or reboot command from the command prompt, or via a script from your RMM tool, and have all the currently pending updates installed in the process.

The following command line will issue a reboot command and install any pending updates. It’s that simple.

I’ve included a download link for ease of use and the instructions are below.





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