Windows 10 making its way to your desktop

Windows 10 making its way to your desktop

Windows 10 is the next, and possibly last, iteration of the worlds most popular desktop operating system. Packing a range of features and trying to undo the damage caused by Windows 8, it’s due out on July 29th.

If you’ve run Windows Update recently then you might see a Windows icon appear in your system tray. This little Windows icon may not even be noticed by some but clicking on will present with the sign up box for Windows 10. Whilst Windows 10 isn’t available today, you will receive it on the day of release and it’ll be delivered for free by the Windows Update process in the background on the day of release.

The "Get Windows 10" icon

The “Get Windows 10” icon

Microsoft Windows 10 will include a range of new features and is claimed to be the last standalone version of Windows. Future releases will be modular, in a similar fashion to app updates on your mobile phone. Individual elements of the operating system can be upgraded and replaced as needed. Whether this will see the end of regular major updates to Windows, with new features being drip-fed to us over time, or whether we will still get a new “version” of Windows every few years remains to be seen.


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