The never-present Microsoft To-Do

The never-present Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft have announced their new task management service called Microsoft To-Do aimed as a replaced to its now shelved Wunderlist service. The only problem is, if you’re an Office 365 user, you might not be able to enable the service at all.

Wunderlist was purchased by Microsoft in 2015 and, as a keen Wunderlist user – my memory only functions if I use a list – I was keen to see what Microsoft we’re going to do. The obvious assumption being that they would roll this up in to their nascent Office 365 service as a better task replacement with a dedicated app. Now we can see what their plans are with the new To-Do service, which features a dedicated mobile app for all platforms, a web service, and full Office 365 integration with Tasks. #cool

If you use Office 365 you should be able to enable this service by going to to the Admin portal then Settings > Services and Addins. At the bottom of the list should be an option to enable To-Do. The link to get there is

Now, if you can’t see the option to enable To-Do then you aren’t alone. People are reporting that it’s either not there, or disappears after a few days. If it does hang around then many people are also saying that the option keeps defaulting to being disabled and won’t stay enabled.

Missing Microsoft To-Do option

The Microsoft To-Do options….oh no…wait……what options?

At the moment it looks to be a waiting game whilst Microsoft sort out the bugs. Here’s hoping it’s worth it.

If you can see the option and you have the service enabled, please do let me know what you think in the comments below. The idea of having one set of Tasks that use a decent app and which feature decent integration is nearly too much to bear.



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