How to track marketing emails in Connectwise

How to track marketing emails in Connectwise

So now you’ll have the two URLs. Each will point to one of the PHP files which in turn will call the Connectwise API and update your campaign stats, before redirecting your users to their ultimate destination. In the case of the email open PHP file, it will return a 1×1 px image that will be used to track when the user opens the email.

I’m going to send my clients the following email.

And to do this I’m going to use the following HTML.

The Click Here link takes the user to one of our previously created PHP files which in turn updates the campaign in Connectwise and redirects them to the URL we specified. The IMG tag at the end of the email does nothing other than show a blank 1px image. When this is served up to the email client the PHP file that the tag links to will update the campaign in Connectwise and send back the image. However this aspect will only work if the recipient has their email client set to show images.

  1. First off, let’s upload the two PHP files to our website. In the examples I’ve given they need to be accessible on the root of your website (ie<name of php here>.php). We use Plesk but you can use FTP, Plesk WordPress, Whatever.
    2016-09-14 14_16_32-Films & TV
  2. So with that done, let’s go to the Marketing Manager and choose our victims…err…I mean targets. Time to pen the email. In this example I’ll copy in the text from my highly artistic marketing email above. Don’t forget to associate the marketing email with a Campaign in the top right corner. It’s the campaign that will be updated when a user clicks the link in the email.
    Our email before the HTML is applied

    Our email before the HTML is applied

    And here's the HTML

    And here’s the HTML

  3. Send the email – perhaps to yourself as a test – and click the link.
    2016-09-15 20_21_23-Films & TV
  4. Once the page loads you can pop back to your Marketing Campaign and you should see that the Links Clicked tab now has entries.
    2016-09-15 20_25_30-Films & TV




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