How to create a slideshow in Windows

How to create a slideshow in Windows

We’re often asked to get involved in helping users create slideshows in Windows. Whilst we’re always happy to help it’s always good to empower the user to experiment and learn about features that they already have available in Windows.

You can create a slideshow for a presentation or open evening in just a few clicks.

Using Windows

The easiest way to do this is to use the Slideshow feature of Windows.

  1. Copy the pictures for your slideshow to your My Pictures folder.
  2. Click the Slideshow button on the toolbar and your photos will instantly be shown in a full screen slideshow.2015-12-02 15_31_14-My Pictures

Using IceCream Slideshow Creator

Icecream produce several very useful, completely free, apps for Windows. Slideshow Creator is an easy way to produce a slideshow which gives you more control over the end results, including being able to add a soundtrack and fades.

  1. Open IceCream Slideshow Creator and you’ll see the super-simple starting page. Click the Add Folder button in the top left corner for the quickest start. Choose the folder containing your pictures and click Select. This will add them to your slideshow.

    2015-12-02 17_06_06-Slideshow Maker

    Just click Add Photo or Add Folder to get started

  2. Your pictures are added and you can now create your slideshow. At this point you can either hit the Create button or you can edit your slideshow.

    2015-12-02 17_06_53-Slideshow Maker

    The IceCream slideshow main window is super straightforward.

  3. You can click on each slide and change it’s position with the up and down arrows next to it. You can also change the transition for that slide (that is, the effect that occurs when it appears on screen). You can also change the default transition for all slides by changing the setting on the grey bar under the list of slides.

    2015-12-02 17_07_04-Slideshow Maker

    You can edit the settings for each slide if you need to

  4. Once you are done, hit Create and your slideshow video will be saved to your Videos folder. You’ll also be given the change to upload it to YouTube.




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