How to control remote viewing access in Labtech

How to control remote viewing access in Labtech


And finally we can put it all together. A group allows you to, well, group together computers based on a search criteria and apply a stack of things to them, in this case our template.

  1. Right click the Group node on the left side nav and choose Add Group. You’ll see a new group icon appear called New Group. Double click that.
  2. Give your group a clear name and set the options like they are in my screenshot below.
    The red bits are important. Really really important.

    The red bits are important. Really really important.

  3. From the Template drop down choose the template you created earlier. Set the priority to 1.
  4. In the AutoJoin Searches section choose your saved search from the Computers drop down. Make sure you tick the Limit to Search checkbox. The Limit to Search option ensures that only computers matches the search results are added to the group and, more importantly, that they will be removed from the group when they no longer match. If you didn’t tick that box, devices would effectively never be removed from the group.

    The group will assign computers based on the search at set intervals. If you want to speed that up and have any devices with your EDF set added to the group right now then click the Preview/Run button and then choose Auto Join Now. This will force the search results to be added to the group, but you can always wait a while. Be patient. A little bit zen.

  5. Hit Save to save the group definition.

Testing it.

You should now be able to see your EDF field in both the Location properties screen and the Device properties. If you tick the EDF in the a location all the workstations in that Location will be added to your group. Alternatively you can tick the EDF on a device only and just that one machine will be added.

If you want to do a test go ahead now. If you don’t want to wait for the scheduled autojoin to kick in then you might need to open your group, click Preview/Run, and then click the AutoJoin Now button to force machines to be added to your group.

I’d love to know how you get on so use the comments to keep in touch.


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