How to control remote viewing access in Labtech

How to control remote viewing access in Labtech


In Labtech, templates control a host of device, location or client specific settings. These are things like when the clients patches will be installed, reboot times, icon branding and the like. In our case templates also manage the settings for Screenconnect and remote access authorisation. Let’s dive in and take a look.

  1. Go to the template node on the left nav bar in Labtech. Click on the Admin node and then right click on Templates and create a new one.
  2. Give it a meaningful name and pop to the Access tab. Set the Remote Access Mode to Ask along with the Screenshot Mode. This will cause the end user to receive a pop-up from Screenconnect requesting their approval for the connection. If a user isn’t there then the connect won’t be successful, so make sure someone is around to approve it.
    Select the access options you want in your new template

    Select the access options you want in your new template

    It’s worth noting that there is an “Ask then Deny” option along with an “Ask then Approve” option. These are only applicable when connecting via the legacy VNC option and don’t do anything in Screenconnect.

  3. Once done, hit Save. You are now ready to move on, player 1.

Up next we’ll look at creating the search before finally moving on to creating the group and pulling it all together.


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