How to fix cannot connect to proxy error in Storagecraft CMD endpoint

How to fix cannot connect to proxy error in Storagecraft CMD endpoint

Recently I was struggling with an issue with a clients Windows 2012 Server which refused to check in to Storagecraft’s CMD management portal. Below is the fix that worked for me.

Storagecraft CMD is the free management component for Storagecraft Shadowprotect SPX; perhaps the most ubiquitous SME backup tools and super MSP friendly.

This particular backup server wasn’t checking in to our CMD portal. Despite some emails back and forth to Storagecraft we just couldn’t get it to check in. We ran the gamut of rebooting, re-installing, updating.

Storagecraft CMD showing an us a really information error

We checked the CMD log file, which can be found in C:\ProgramData\StorageCraft\endpt\log, and found the following error:

The cannot connect to proxy error was a little confusing. Disabling the firewall on the server didn’t help and we weren’t using a proxy for internet access.

When we tried to access the URL shown in the log,, we got a 404 error rather than the 403 shown in the log. Perhaps that was the clue, what if the files weren’t there because they couldn’t be put in to the right place.

We stopped the Storagecraft SPX service and set the Logon tab to use a domain administrator account. We did the same for the Storagecraft Endpoint Agent service.

After restarting the services we could connect to the URL above and get a response. The agent checked in within about 10 minutes and everything was good.

We subsequently set the Storagecraft SPX service back to log on as the Local System account and everything remains working.

If you found another cause for this then let me know in the comments below.



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