How to change the default sharing permissions in OneDrive

The sharing permissions in OneDrive default to allowing anyone to access a document with a link. Whilst very useful, it’s obvious that this level of access might not be ideal for companies and could lead to accidental access to a document. Here’s how to change the default sharing permissions in OneDrive.

  1. In Office 365 click on the grid icon and then choose Admin
  2. Click Admin Centers then SharePoint to open the SharePoint admin portal.
  3. Click on Sharing on the left side list of links to show the Sharing options screen. Set the default sharing options which can be found under the Default Link Type settings and click Save. I would suggest that you choose “Internal” which will require people to log in to Office 365 before viewing or editing a document. Don’t forget this is just the default, you can override this setting when you share each document.
  4. Now try to share a document and you’ll see that the default option has changed.
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