3 ways to use Tracks in ConnectWise

As I’ve mentioned before, ConnectWise is one of the most powerful and flexible IT focused PSA tools on the market today. It includes a wealth of features, a tonne of integrations, and ConnectWise offer packages to fill any niche that isn’t covered by the main Connectwise Manage app.

Chief amongst those many features are Tracks. Tracks in ConnectWise provide for automated process paths to be created which can include a mix of emails, tickets, status changes, and more. Companies are using these for a range of reasons but here are just 5 of my personal favourites.

1. Client onboarding

When a new client comes on board there’s always a lot to get done. You’ll need to document their site, arrange to sit down with their previous provider and get a handover (if you’re lucky), get the accounts team to ready the accounts records and billing system, and on and on. You don’t want to miss any step as it makes you look bad and makes things harder going forward. So with a Track you can get everything in place, schedule each step, and know that everyone is getting ready.

2. Client events and exhibitions

I’m sure by now you’ve discovered the joy of running client events; meet and greets, supplier exhibitions, working lunches. They’re part of the normal ebb and flow of MSP life. It’s important to follow up with these and get feedback from your customers. Negative feedback is especially useful so don’t miss anyone out. The following Track will add the primary contact to a group, so you have a clear list of people who have said that they will attend. It will also add an activity to their record, just for the sake of best practice. After that it will email the person responsible with organising the event so that they know to add that persons name to the list. Finally, ConnectWise will send an email to the primary contact in 30 days asking for feedback on the event, perhaps with a link in the email to your survey of choice.

3. Client offboarding

Sometimes in life things don’t always work out and you have to say goodbye. As with onboarding, offboarding is a process that requires that certain things are done in the right order. With that in mind the following Track will add the primary contact to a group of former clients, just in case you want to market to them in the future. It will also raise tickets with Helpdesk and Accounts to get them both to cancel the customer from their systems.

So that’s 3 ways to use Tracks in ConnectWise but really the world is your oyster. If you’re missing out on using Tracks in ConnectWise then get in touch in the comments and see whether you can make more use of them, and I’d love to hear of other ways that your company is making good use of them.

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