How to track marketing emails in Connectwise

How to track marketing emails in Connectwise

Create the PHP files

We’ll be using the free tool at which will present you with a form that needs completing. You’ll then get two files, one to track email opens and one to track links clicked, and also two URLs, one to track email opens and one to track links clicked.

The JoomConnect form which will do the nitty-gritty.

The JoomConnect form which will do the nitty-gritty.

  1. Enter two file names in to the first two text boxes of the form. These will be used to create the PHP files which will be uploaded to your website. Lets use mywelcomecampaign-clicks and mywelcomecampaign-opens.2016-09-11 20_46_14-ConnectWise v2016.3 _ JoomConnect
  2. Enter the URL where these two PHP files will be found. If you are storing them on the root of your website then you would enter http://www.mywebsite.com2016-09-11 20_50_04-ConnectWise v2016.3 _ JoomConnect
  3. Next enter the Integrator username and password that you created above.2016-09-11 20_51_19-ConnectWise v2016.3 _ JoomConnect
  4. Enter your company name. This has to match the company name which you use on the Connectwise logon screen.2016-09-11 21_03_46-ConnectWise v2016.3 _ JoomConnect
  5. Finally enter your connectwise server URL. We use the CW cloud servers in the EU so I’ll use that URL here.2016-09-11 21_05_29-ConnectWise v2016.3 _ JoomConnect
  6. Click the Add URL button. You will be prompted for a URL. This is the URL that your email recipients will be sent to when they click on the link in your email. So in our case, I’m going to create an email asking people to click on a link to view our website. My target URL will be
    2016-09-12 11_58_22-ConnectWise v2016.3 _ JoomConnect
  7. Click Save Form to generate the files.
    2016-09-12 14_02_28-ConnectWise v2016.3 _ JoomConnect
  8. Click on both of the download links. You’ll get two PHP files, one for tracking opens and one for tracking links. Make a note of the two URLs. Again, one is for tracking opens and one is for tracking link clicks.


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