How to perform an upgrade for Capita SIMS using Solus 3

How to perform an upgrade for Capita SIMS using Solus 3

Capita SIMS is a very popular MIS platform found widely within the educational sector. It covers a range of products geared towards the various areas of the educational process that schools would want to focus on, such as taking payments from parents for school activities. As a result of it’s size, updates are frequent and it’s good to stay on top of them.

Luckily applying the updates couldn’t be easier, particularly if you have the SOLUS update deployment tool installed.

  1. Open up Solus on your SIMS server.
    2016-09-19 18_38_45-Start
  2. Click on the Check for Updates button to ensure you are seeing the latest updates.2016-09-16 09_42_03-Action center2
  3. Click on the update that you want to install.
    2016-09-16 19_12_54-Action center
  4. Click on the Download button at the bottom of the screen.
    2016-09-16 09_42_03-Action center
  5. Once the status shows Downloaded against that update you can click the Deploy button to start the update installation.
  6. You can check the Deployment History tab to see the installation status as it plods through its steps. 2016-09-16 19_14_54-Action center
  7. End users will see a prompt in their SIMS client requiring them to close SIMS and re-open it to complete the client side update.

Job done. If you need to check anything then you should call either your SIMS provider, your LEA or Capita themselves.


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